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Dun and Bradstreet launches first-of-its-kind cloud database repository on Indian businesses

Detailed company information on more than 2 million companies, along with prospecting for over 9 million companies

Mumbai, 26 November 2019: Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), the world’s leading provider of global business information, today announced the launch of D&B iAccess, the country’s biggest and first-of-its-kind online database on Indian businesses. D&B’s iAccess is a comprehensive database on more than two million Indian companies, allowing users to access organised data with a 360-degree view of any company available on the platform.


What information about a company does iAccess offer?
• Company Information
• Management Information
• Financial Information
• Detrimental / Compliance Information
• List of legal cases against the entity
• Powerful Indicators
• Site visit details,
• Latest News of the company, and
• Proprietary D&B Reports, where available

D&B's iAccess is an easy to access, single resource for both individuals and organizations alike that are interested in information on commercial entities. The aim of the platform is to create a credible source of information for various business purposes that enable the user to gather all the public information about a company at once keeping the records updated. Along with the company’s information, iAccess offers other features such as slicing and dicing of information as per set parameters, customized content, and iAccess' API-driven solution that help everything integrate with customers' CRM tool. These enable the user in ascertaining a company’s existence, credibility of the entity for various business purposes.

Manish Sinha, Managing Director, Dun and Bradstreet India said, “DNB iAccess is a platform built for accessing quick data. D&B has the largest commercial database in the world and DNB iAccess brings the most comprehensive coverage on B2B information on Indian entities. I am certain that DNB iAccess will be a great resource in guiding our clients through on-boarding, continuous health monitoring, forging business relationships and compliance related processes, all of which have a direct impact on overall business outcomes”.

D&B’s iAccess can be used across multiple functions like Risk Management, Sales Acceleration, Supply Chain Onboarding, etc. to accelerate business outcomes. For instance, supply chain teams can use it to assess the sustainability of its suppliers and monitor their portfolio, the credit risk team can analyse the creditworthiness of existing and potential customers and set credit limits accordingly, and the compliance teams can use iAccess' screening tool to scan a repository of over 1 million entities for red flags, if any. Further, iAccess will be a vital tool for sales and marketing requirements, enabling a comprehensive search of the database (over 9 mn for prospecting) with persona targeting, ultimately leading to qualified sales leads.

The solution has the capability to be accessed from any web user interface, as well as has an Open API interface to directly integrate within customers’ systems for faster and efficient decision making. D&B sources its content from 100+ authentic sources that has been approved by D&B’s legendary Data Governance guidelines around the usage of content.


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