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D&B Optimizer lets you identify, cleanse and add firmographic intelligence to your business records in order to improve the quality of your business data. D&B Optimizer integrates seamlessly during Salesforce implementation ensuring that your Salesforce data is clean, complete, and actionable. Powered by the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number, it enables your organization to have confidence in segmenting the market, identifying priority targets, conducting and ensuring alignment across your business, while reducing the costs associated with bad data.

Benefits of Database Cleansing

Entity Resolution and Matching

Upgrade your data cleansing strategy by assessing the content and quality of your existing data to identify incomplete records, duplicate records, inaccurate phone numbers, returned and bounced email addresses

Data Enrichment

Append valuable new data to your customer and prospect lists by filling in vital information leveraging the D&B D-U-N-S® Number, such as company address, phone, email, industry, total employees, annual revenue, corporate linkage, and titles of decision makers

Continuous Data Hygiene

Get your new and improved business data integrated into your Salesforce instance to enhance your company’s database, with automatic periodic refreshes for up to date sales intelligence

Data Analysis and Visualization

Get dynamic visualisations to help you conduct quicker analysis and make faster and more accurate sales and marketing decisions using your company and contact data

Obtain Direct Access to Quality Business Data, When and Where You Want It

D&B Optimizer for Salesforce provides direct access to real-time, quality data at your fingertips so you can:

• Eliminate manual efforts by automating data entry and hence increasing sales productivity

• Get visibility in corporate linkages which will help you identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities

• Prioritize accounts using 80 fields of advanced information to accelerate growth

• Leverage real-time enrichment with automatic periodic refreshes to ensure data completeness and accuracy

Improve your business data

How does D&B Optimizer data cleansing process work?

D&B Optimizer, powered by the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, helps you align your sales and marketing efforts by delivering valuable business intelligence on more than 400 million business records and corporate hierarchies. These records are curated from thousands of sources globally and are updated 5 million times every day. This helps you get the quality B2B data you need to increase productivity and organizational alignment, while enabling you to accelerate growth.

D&B Optimizer provides you with consistency and a higher level of confidence when leveraging company and contact data across your account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns and systems by enabling entity resolution and matching, enriching your data, empowering continuous data hygiene, as well as analysis and visualization.

Get Consistent and Reliable Data

Why choose Dun & Bradstreet for data cleansing services?

D&B Optimizer gives you the power to enrich your salesforce data against by matching it against the world’s most trusted source of commercial data and insights. You also get firmographic intelligence added to your data for better and more actionable insights. With periodic refreshes, you never have to worry again about stale data which may result in missed opportunities. Along with all this, you also get insights into corporate family trees, which will help you identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities within your existing portfolio.

Smart Digital Transformation – CIO Whitepaper

57% of the CIOs say that they are using automation for managing and refreshing data.

Download the ‘Smart Digital Transformation’ Whitepaper to know how D&B Optimizer can help you identify, de-duplicate and add firmographic intelligence to your business data.


A. Every organisation has huge amounts of business data on customers, suppliers, vendors, etc. Due to its disparate sources and lack of standardisation, organisational master data often has duplicates and mistakes. Dun & Bradstreet helps you match your data against the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, deduplicate and enrich it with firmographic elements. This will help you make the most of your business data.

A. The world today revolves around data. However, only collecting and storing huge volumes of data does not solve the purpose. An organisation should be able to derive actionable insights from it. Without that, data becomes a liability rather than being an asset. Therefore, data optimisation is important and data cleansing services can help you quickly standardise and enrich your existing data for better business outcomes.

A. The various types of data issues that organisations face include duplication, incorrect and incomplete entries, outdated information, and more. The best way to overcome this issue is by data optimisation with the help of master data management. This will not only reduce errors, but also enrich the quality of existing business data.

A. Some examples of bad data would be incorrect or outdated data. For example, the contact details of a person who has left an organisation. Also, the same company name may have been written in multiple ways in the same place by different teams. This amounts to duplication and inconsistency.

A. D&B Optimizer for Salesforce is fueled by Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Cloud of over 460 million business records from tens of thousands of sources. By automatically enriching account records every 15 days, D&B Optimizer for Salesforce provides direct access to real-time, quality data at your fingertips

A. Data optimisation is beneficial for your business as it helps you reduce the costs associated with bad data. It further helps you optimize your ABM campaigns by enabling entity resolution and matching, enriching your data, empowering continuous data hygiene, as well as analysis and visualization.

A. Organisations undergo changes continuously both structurally and from a people perspective. Data cleansing should be an ongoing process with refreshes at least every quarter so that you always have the right data on your side.

A. The components of quality business data include completeness, recency and firmographic intelligence associated with the data. If these criteria are met, we can say that the data is of good quality and can be used to derive insights.

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