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Dun & Bradstreet Compliance Solutions

It helps customers across sectors to assess, investigate and monitor third parties for potential risk. With our global foundational reference, financial and compliance content, our unrivalled global commercial Data Cloud contains more than 400 million business records and our ability to connect this together with the right expertise and solutions means we are ideally placed to help you resolve your compliance needs efficiently and meet regulatory requirements.

D&B's Compliance Solutions Offer

A comprehensive suite of services that helps protect a company's equity and reputation
Third party business relationships assessment vis-a-vis local as well as global regulatory and anti-corruption laws
To identify banned, suspect, or corrupt entities and individuals, strengthen existing regulatory processes, meet regulatory compliance, manage supply and distribution risk

Providing the broadcast coverages

Understand who you are doing business with and selling, by leveraging Dun & Bradstreet’s database of 400 Mn global businesses.

Uncovering hidden risk

Mitigate amplified risk across your customers and suppliers by understanding the complete threat in the corporate family and proactively spot new risks throughout the value chain by assessing the complete risk in the entire supply chain of a company.

Improving Efficiency

Save time and money by screening more and looking less. With our robust platform technologies, we provide a broad and complete screening of the entity, family and principles then focus the results with systematic filters reducing and / or eliminating false-positives. Increasing productivity: Decrease workload by demonstrating ‘adequate’ procedures to Regulators, ensuring investigations are conducted against data that is legally obtained and fit-for-purpose, offering superior depth, breadth and accuracy.

Empowering you with objective, fact-based guidance

Receive Red Flags on global organisations, owners, and executive management within your supply chain to identify potential adverse events.

We offer a range of flexible solutions to meet your unique needs covering legal, statutory, reputational, political and financial risks.

  • International Law Enforcement Interests
  • Criminal Records
  • Judgement FIlings
  • Consumer Disputes
  • BIFR Check
  • Adverse Media Check With respect to Bribery/ Corruption/Fraud
  • Notice from Interpol/CBI - Red Notice/Yellow Notice
  • World Bank List - banned Companies
  • Adverse Media Check - Politically Exposed Personnel (PEPs)
  • Database checks to identify political linkage management teams
  • Indian debt recovery tribunal
  • Companies having charges against them published by RBI
  • Default with respect to Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Scheme

Clients Speak


A. Every organisation works with various third parties, be it vendors, suppliers or channel partners. With each third-party engagement, an organisation is exposed to risk. It is therefore essential for companies to vet their third parties thoroughly. A compliance solution helps screen third parties to safeguard you against any regulatory compliance and legal risk.

A. A compliance management solution helps safeguard your company from hidden risks in your portfolio. Several studies have shown that companies that default on regulatory compliance requirements have had to pay billions of dollars in fines. With the help of Dun & Bradstreet industry leading data of red flags and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) details, you will always be sure of who you’re doing business with.

A. Compliance solutions can help businesses stay on the right side of law. Studies have shown that every year companies end up paying fines worth billions of dollars due to non-adherence to regulatory compliance. Business compliance solutions can help organisations safeguard their business from any form of third-party risk, both financial and regulatory.

A. Every business requires compliance services as you work with various third-parties. There may be vendors, suppliers or any other engagements from where the risk originates. Therefore, it is essential to understand any third-party before onboarding them.

A. Dun & Bradstreet has the most comprehensive database of records globally. With Dun & Bradstreet’s proprietary D-U-N-S Number, it is easier to understand corporate linkages and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO). This will help you identify red flags and hidden risks in your portfolio.

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