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Supply Chain Management Solutions to Safeguard Your Business

D&B’s customized supply management solutions is designed specifically for the Indian business environment. It helps you with a detailed assessment of your customer’s / dealer’s financial and non-financial parameters like financial position, operational performance, sales, employee size, number of years in existence and management quality.

Customized Credit Assessment Model for Your Supply Chain

Authenticate the background of new customers / dealers before appointing them or doing business with them

Obtain a neutral assessment of the creditworthiness and business risk of each customer / dealer

Assess whether or not to issue a credit line to these customers / dealers

Frame decision rules pertaining to extending credit lines to customers / dealers based on objective criteria

Monitor credit risk of existing customers periodically to identify High risk accounts Deteriorating accounts Marginal accounts that need further control

How Supply Management Solutions Can Help You?

Third-Party Assessment

Assessing third parties is crucial for safeguarding your business against unforeseen risks. We are here to help you assess your third-party business relationships so that you can avoid any business disruption. Assess new and existing suppliers or channel partners on their financial and non-financial parameters to decide whether or not to issue a credit line to them.

Third-Party Assessment

Highlight Risk Areas

The global business environment is highly volatile and therefore you need to constantly keep a check on your company’s risk exposure. Highlight probable risk areas with a complete picture of your entire supply chain. Protect your organisation from various risk factors such as legal risks, reputational risks, political risks and statutory risks.

Highlight Risk Areas

Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions with Dun & Bradstreet

Identifying and mitigating risk in your supply chain is essential in today’s volatile business environment. Risk can arise from multiple sources and negatively impact your business. Dun & Bradstreet can help you identify these risks and give you better visibility into your suppliers as well as channel partners so that you can save your organisation from any kind of disruption. Get detailed and customised reports on financial as well as non-financial parameters of customers, suppliers, vendors, etc. to make more informed decisions.

Key highlights:

  • Assess new and existing suppliers
  • Understand how much you should purchase from your suppliers
  • Keep alternative suppliers handy in case of disruption
  • Get a holistic view of channel partners

Manage Supply Chain Risk

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Clients Speak


A. The pandemic has disrupted supply chains around the world in unprecedented ways. Supply Chain Risk Management involves vetting suppliers and channel partners for hidden risks that may cause business disruption. With a proper supply chain risk management framework in place, you will not only be able to mitigate risks, but also find opportunities to grow your company.

A. Supply chain risk can be extremely harmful for business. A lot of factors can affect your supply chain, such as financial, economic and environmental. For example, a supplier’s inability to deliver a product on time due to lockdowns can disrupt your entire supply chain. To avoid such situations, supply chain risk management is very critical. Similarly, it is also important to vet your channel partners regularly.

A. Here are some supply chain risks that can affect your business: Geopolitical risks, logistical risks such as the Suez Canal issue of 2021, sustainability risks, supplier’s financial health risks, etc. To understand the total risk exposure, it is imperative for organisations to continuously monitor its suppliers, vendors and channel partners.

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