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What is D&B ESG Intelligence Solution ?

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks are amongst those that have become difficult to pinpoint – and more prevalent now than ever. Due to inconsistencies of data and lack of standardization, it is a challenge to proactively harnessing ESG insights to mitigate risk and reap competitive benefits.

D&B ESG Intelligence delivers data and analytics built from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud and established sustainability standards to help companies quantify and assess the impact of their business partners' sustainability rankings to their companies' performance. This true and trusted source of ESG data enables compliance and procurement teams to generate insights that help strengthen their ESG goals and policies, and streamline ESG assessment processes.

The Supply Chain ESG Data Challenge

Lack of transparency, visibility and traceability

Only 13% of companies indicate having complete visibility into their end-to-end supply chain1. Companies lack insights into their suppliers’ ESG performance and goals.

Lack of ESG data quality and credibility

Lack of uniform and regulated ESG reporting standards presents a number of data challenges related to accuracy, timeliness, completeness, consistency and more.

Lack of ESG data collection and analysis system

Just 9% of companies are actively using software that supports ESG data collection, analysis, and reporting2 . Furthermore, drawing actionable and decision-useful ESG insights is a challenge.

1“Supply chain transparency: creating stakeholder value”, KPMG, 2020.

2“The No. 1 ESG challenge organizations face: data”, World Economic Forum, October 2021.

D&B ESG Intelligence – A trusted
source of information to help you with

Self assessment

As ESG investing is becoming increasingly important owing to global uncertainties, you can become more relevant and sustainable by making sure that you have strong ESG standards at an organisational level. Our self assessment reports are designed to help you build credibility globally.

ESG self-reports and assessments are curated to help MSMEs understand where they stand in their ESG journey. This will help in integrating with the global supply chains more easily.

Self Assessment

Supplier due diligence and risk mapping

  • Assess your suppliers on ESG criteria as part of onboarding.
  • Gain insights on ESG data visibility, transparency, and traceability throughout your supply chain.
  • Integrate ESG criteria for evaluations throughout your procurement process.
  • Help identify and manage ESG-related reputational, regulatory, and physical risks associated with suppliers.

Supplier Due Diligence and Risk Mapping

Supplier monitoring and engagement

  • Monitor and assess the ESG performance over a large network of suppliers to generate actionable insights.
  • Understand the indirect impact associated with your suppliers’ operations - such as emerging and previously unknown supply chain risks.
  • Identify areas to engage with suppliers on mitigating ESG risks and improving sustainability performance.

Supplier Monitoring and Engagement

Becoming ESG compliant

Demand for ESG investing is growing primarily because investors recognize that factors like climate change have a real and long-term impact on the value of their investments. As more and more investors adopt such strategies, organisations would need to become ESG compliant to receive investments.

With robust coverage of private and public entities around the globe and rigorous processing and quality assurance, D&B ESG Rankings provide the transparency, data quality, and reporting infrastructure procurement teams need to incubate future-ready supply chains. What we offer 2nd point colour for header.

ESG compliant

What we offer

ESG Self-Assessment

Proactively share your company’s ESG information with Dun & Bradstreet to have your own report created

Risk Analytics ESG Module

Single platform that you can use to upload, interact and request data to check supply chains and identify vulnerabilities

ESG Report

Comprehensive documentation of an organisation’s ESG performance that you can use for better informed business decisions

ESG Registered Solutions

D&B ESG Registered is an industry-trusted badge of recognition signifying that your business is committed to disclosing its ESG initiatives

Rankings Built From Top Standards

Our ESG Rankings are structured around leading sustainability frameworks, such as:

This standardized framework provides trusted, and measurable insights that help you benchmark against industry averages, develop goals to stimulate supply chain performance, set ESG policies in onboarding evaluations, and compare your supplier’s ESG Rankings against performance.

Why Choose D&B ESG Intelligence

Granular ESG Data

35+ million global private and public companies including 1+ million companies in India.

Standardized Rankings

ESG Rankings are based off leading sustainability frameworks, such as GRI, SASB, TCFD and the UN SDGs.

Strategic Metrics

Insights on companies, including a consistent outperformance for companies with good ESG Rankings.

Frequent Updates

Updated monthly to provide the most up-to-date snapshot on companies.

Choose How You Want to Get the Data

Batch File Delivery

Receive ESG insights and Rankings via batch file in CSV. format updated on up to a monthly basis. These files can be uploaded into any existing system for analysis.

D&B Risk Analytics

D&B Risk Analytics provides modernized ESG interactive widgets, a comprehensive breakdown of environmental, social, and governance reason codes.

Direct+ API Integration

Our Direct+ API integration is compatible with nearly all systems, offering a seamless way to access trusted ESG rankings data without lifting a finger. This convenient integration allows you to take an automated approach to leveraging ESG.

With D&B Risk Analytics you will be able to:

Quickly monitor your full portfolio’s ESG performance

Search and locate third parties by ESG Ranking

Generate comprehensive and targeted ESG reports

D&B Risk Analytics helps you to best visualize and interpret ESG Rankings of your suppliers and incorporate ESG into your full procurement and compliance processes from onboarding to ongoing risk monitoring.


D&B ESG Intelligence is a suite of ESG offerings that will help you understand where you stand in your ESG journey. You can choose from self-assessments, third-party assessments, Risk Analytics ESG module and an industry trusted badge of recognition (ERS).

Dun & Bradstreet’s ESG Rankings are conveniently organized into 13 ESG themes and 31 topic specific categories to help you understand specific risks and opportunities. The rankings are structured around leading sustainability frameworks such as CDP, UN PRI, SASB and many more.

Dun & Bradstreet collects ESG data from millions of globally trusted sources. Our deep data coverage and breakdown of ESG risks help connect the dots between your supply chain partner’s performance and ESG.

Having a constant view of ESG data on your supply chain partners helps in constantly monitoring suppliers and supports routine audits. It will help you understand the overall ESG performance of your entire supply chain portfolio. It also help benchmark ESG performance against ESG standards.

D&B ESG Intelligence helps you have a 360 degree view of ESG for your entire supply chain portfolio. This will help you identify risks in time so that you can proactively take measures to mitigate them.

D&B ESG Intelligence is a suite of products which include ESG Self Assessments, Risk Analytics ESG Module, Third Party ESG Reports and ESG Registered Solutions.

Dun & Bradstreet maintains extremely stringent data governance guidelines and therefore you can be rest assured that your data is completely safe.

With the Risk Analytics ESG Module, you can quickly monitor your portfolio’s ESG performance, search and locate third parties by ESG rankings, and generate comprehensive and targeted ESG reports.

Corporate supply chains are bigger and more widespread than ever. With open markets enabling materials and production to be sourced across the globe, companies now rely on thousands of third parties to help them generate their bottom line. ESG risks are amongst those that have become difficult to pinpoint – and more prevalent now than ever. That is why having a complete view of ESG is important for every company.

In India, the top 1000 companies by market capitalisation have to file a Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) as mandated by SEBI. The BRSR requires companies to provide a number of key qualitative and quantitative disclosures covering environment, social and governance areas. Therefore it is essential for every company to become ESG compliant as the large companies also would like to do business with ESG compliant suppliers and partners.

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