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For more than two decades, Dun & Bradstreet has been acknowledging and showcasing the achievements of the leading companies across sectors through carefully-curated annual Publications and Awards. These Publications and Awards chronicle the financial and other operational performances of leading companies from Large Listed Companies, SMEs, the BFSI sector, Infrastructure companies, and PSUs, among other sectors.

Extensive research, stringent eligibility criteria and multiple checks make our publications a much-sought after and authentic source of reliable information. Each publication also provides comprehensive insights about the respective sector in discussion. Likewise, our award events have also built a great reputation with respect to the methodology, the processes followed and credibility.

The release of these publications and the presentation of awards takes place at gala events which have an average footfall of 300 and are attended by dignitaries from the Government of India as well as the captains of Corporate India.



Indias Top 500 Companies 2020

Honouring top performing Indian companies across based on diverse financial parameters


India’s Leading BFSI Companies 2019

A leading compendium on the Indian BFSI industry


Leading SMEs of India 2019

A leading compendium on the SMEs of India


India's Leading Infrastructure Companies 2019

Tracking the progress of the infrastructure sector as a critical driver of the Indian economy


HR Best Practices 2019

Recognising companies for their best practices in the space of Human Resource Management


India's Top PSUs 2019

Honouring and Recognizing leading top public sector undertakings in India


Indias Top 500 Companies 2019

Honouring top performing Indian companies across based on diverse financial parameters


Indias Leading Business Schools 2019


Healthcare 2019

Capturing views on the key challenges & opportunities within the Indian Healthcare sector.


Insurance 2025

Capturing the pulse of the Indian insurance sector


Indias Leading Pharmaceutical Companies 2016

A ready reckoner on trends in Indian Pharmaceuticals and the leading players in sector


India's Top Banks 2017

Honoring most distinguished players in Indian banking sector


BFSI Awards - D&B India


BFSI Awards

Honouring the leading companies from the Indian BFSI sector

Infra Awards - D&B India


Infra Awards

Felicitating India’s leading infrastructure companies and leading infrastructure projects

SME Business Excellence Awards - D&B India


SME Business Excellence Awards

Celebrating the contribution of high-performing Indian SMEs.

PSU Awards & Publication 2019 - D&B India


PSU Awards & Publication 2019

Honouring the top performing PSUs in India for their business excellence

Supply Chain Finance 
Awards 2019 - D&B India


Supply Chain Finance Awards 2019

Highlighting the importance and benefits of Supply Chain Finance

Corporate Awards 2019 - D&B India


Corporate Awards 2019

Felicitating the torchbearers among Indian Corporates

Exporters Awards - D&B India


Exporters Awards

Recognizing the valuable contribution made by Indian exporters to the economy

India’s Top Banks - D&B India


India’s Top Banks

The banking sector is considered as the pulse of the economy for every country around the world.

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